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Montes Single Vineyard Chardonnay 2015

Chile - The grapes use to produce this wine come from the cool climate Casablanca Valley which produces low yeilds of exceptionally healthy grapes with an abundance of fruit flavours. Malolactic fermentation adds and oak ageing adds buttery complexity. Fresh citrus flavours are augmented by a hint of asparagus typical of the Casablanca Valley are layered over toast, butter and vanilla notes. This will be a fine accompaniment for a roast chicken.

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Torres Chile - Santa Digna Estelado Rose NV

Chile - Nearly 500 years ago, the first grapevine in Chilean history arrived, brought by brave men who struggled across rivers and mountains. This was a special vine: in Spain known as Listan Negro, in the colonies of the new world it was called Mision, and in Chile it would be known as 'Pais'. This varietal is cultivated in dry zones with humility, hard work, and dedication generally by small winegrowers who have passed their land from fathers to sons over several generations. In 1850 the first French vines were introduced to Chile, leaving the 'Pais' grape aside and later forgotten in time, with an uncertain future. The rescue of Chile's oldest grape varietal has produced Santa Digna Estelado, a unique sparkling wine, 100% Chilean, a reward for the land and its people. Pale rose colour, with fine and persistent bubbles. In the aroma, notes of fruit (red fruits and citrics) predominate. On the 0palate, fresh, lively, and genuine, characteristic of the ancestral varietal Pais. Santa Digna Estelado is made using the traditional method with the second fermentation in the bottle. The first sparkling rose made with the 'Pais' grape has a personality of its own.

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Torres Chile - Cordillera Brut 2013

Chile - Every morning, in the Valley of Curico, the Andes Mountain sun rises initiating the ritual union of land and vine. These majestic vineyards at the foot of the mountains enjoy a cold climate ideal for the cultivation of the Pinot Noir variety. This sparkling wine has been elaborated according to the traditional method of secondary fermentation in the bottle. Brilliant and sustained pale gold colour. Its fine bubbles form an elegant perlage. Seductive, fresh, floral aromas bring the spring to mind. On the palate it is silky, with a grand finish deploying all the fruity notes of the Pinot Noir. A Brut for lovers of harmony. The perfect wine for any celebration.

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