Chocolate and wine?

26th March 2016

With the Easter weekend upon us, it's surely the time to let our hair down and indulge. But when it comes to choosing a wine to complement that chocolate easter egg or bunny, it can be difficult finding the right match.

There are various wines, in particular red wines, that have a hint of cocoa - often rich reds from South America.

Although a little pricier than the average bottle, this red from Majestic Wine, The Chocolate Block 2014 tastes great with a piece of chocolate or chocolate pudding.

Now... indulge!

Making mulled wine

05th December 2015

With Christmas just around the corner, impress your family and friends with your very own homemade mulled wine. We think this recipe from Jamie Olver tastes great and it's super easy to make!

Mulled wine is usually made with red wine and various spices including nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. Best served hot, it makes for a delicious, festive drink at Christmas time.

If you're short on time, then grab yourself a bottle of ready-made mulled wine from just £4.00

It's that time...

09th November 2015

For lovers of mulled wine and all things festive, head over to the east piazza in Covent Garden between 12th - 14th of this month (midday - 21:00) to try various types of the spiced wine, including those supplied by nearby restaurants, Chez Antoinette, Smith and Sinclair and Gordon Ramsay's Heddon Street.

The event will be lit up with reportedly over 100,000 lights, along with seasonal decorations to bring the festive season to life.

Not a fan of mulled wine? Don't worry - there will be plenty of cider and mead being served too.

No shortage of UK bubbly

28th September 2015

Wine makers here in England have enjoyed what is known as a "vintage year", and producers of English wine are set to double over the next few years. (A vintage wine is made from grapes that were grown and picked during the same year)

According to recent figures, English vine-yards have increased by 10-12% / year, over the last 10 years.

Currently, there are 135 wineries in the UK, producing around 6m bottles of wine a year. Reports last year suggested that the UK wine industry would be worth approx. £100m by the end of 2015.

Sparkling wines account for over 60% of total production and 13 different countries currently import bottles of our bubbly.

BBQ weather = wine!

6th August 2015

The sun seems to be here for the next few days, so if you're planning a BBQ this weekend and braving the English weather, no doubt you'll be stocking up on a few bottles of plonk. But, would you have thought about picking a Spanish wine to wash down those chargrilled sausages?

Traditionally, we tend to pick wines from those countries where barbecuing is an art - in particular Argentina and Australia. One consistent recommendation is a variety called bobal, which is actually the 3rd most widely planted grape in Spain, contrary to popular belief.

If you haven't tried one, we currently have 3 different bottles listed on the site. View our Spanish bobal wines here.

"Bottle of blighty, please!"

3rd June 2015

Go back several years and you'd be unlikely to find many English wines on the menu - but that's beginning to change.

Over the last 10 years, English wine as seen a surge in volume, with sales set to hit £100m by the end of year - great news for English grapevines. Over 6.3m bottles were produced last year from over 500 vineyards and 2015 looks to be another great year, according to English Wine Producers (EWP).

Despite a significant rise in English wine over the last decade, the production of wine in the UK is still small business compared to France or Italy. France produces around 1,000 times more bottles than the UK, producing approximately 7-8bn bottles annually. It's unlikely English wine will ever come close, but unlike other wines, there is a higher demand for English wine than is currently produced.

English Wine Takeover

12th May 2015

When you think of Birmingham, wine isn't necessarily the first thing that comes to mind, but it will be later this month, when it hosts one of the biggest wine events to ever promote English wine. The Birmingham English Wine Takeover is the first ever dedicated domestic wine event and will attempt to increase awareness of the wine industry.

Although wine production in the UK is often associated with areas such as Kent and Surrey, there are currently 92 vineyards in the East and West Midlands and it's recently been reported that every county in the UK as far north as Yorkshire contains a vineyard.

Did you know... 2014 saw approx. 4,500,000 bottles of English wine produced from 445 vineyards?

To find out more about The Birmingham English Wine Takeover, head over to The Birmingham English Wine Takeover

The vines of Mendoza

Mendoza wine

19th April 2015

There are several provinces in the wonderful country that is Argentina, such as San Juan and Salta, but it seems Mendoza is causing a stir in the production of wine, especially fine tasting Malbecs. And it seems the success could be down to its distinctive microclimates.

A microclimate is an atmospheric zone in which the climate is different to that from the surrounding area. This can refer to areas as small as several square feet or several square miles.

It's no secret that a Malbec from Mendoza is a popular choice and we've certainly seen a rise in searches for wine from Mendoza over the last few months alone.

Check out over 20 bottles of Mendoza wine here.

London Wine Fair - 18th May

London Wine Fair, Olympia

1st April 2015

In less than 2 month's time, London Wine Fair (LWF) will be hosting its 35th wine fair at Kensington's Olympia, with a new addition... a premium and super-premium wine tasting area.

Companies set to exhibit their wine include Alliance Wine, Antinori, Astrum Wine Cellars, Flint Wines and Hatch Mansfield.

LWF have also announced that the fair will take place in the Grand Hall at the Olympia, increasing it's capacity by a further 10% compared to previous years.

The wine fair will take place from 18th May - 20th May.

Love fine wines? Check out our more expensive fine wines here.